The story of Carite goes back to Denmark’s first textile fair, which took place in Herning in the year 1949, in which Carite was first shown. First named “Midtjysk Trikotagefabrik”, but after the war Carite chose to change its factory name. It was a hot summer day in the year 1946, when the previous owner Søren Jensen and his family were in a cottage in Søndervig. It was on this family trip, the name Carite came to life. Carite became a contraction of the three girl names; Kamma, Rikke and Techla. The respect and love that founder Søren Jensen had for his family is also the heart of Carite.

For many years, the most important products for Carite were their Charmeuse underwear with lace. Carite was the first design Charmeuse underwear with laces, but as demand declined in the 1950s, it became necessary to think outside of the box. That is why Carite, more out of distress than desire, decided to push the gym suit into the production program.

It was not until the 1960s that Carite made their big breakthrough. Carite developed a fabric that allowed the yarns to retain their stretchability in both longitudinal and transverse directions. Carite created an elastic material – a material that was missing in the gymnastics world. It was the Funen company Gyfa which supplied gymnastics clothing to the country’s gymnastics associations and, among others the famous gymnastics folk school, Ollerup. They were leaders in the production of gymnastics clothing in wool. A material that was not very practical, especially not after washing.

With Carite’s newly developed materials, Carite succeeded in creating suits that were tight to the bodies of the gymnasts, while at the same time not preventing the gymnasts from reaching extreme positions. This was why Ollerup’s elite masters wore the Carite Crepe test suits at the national meet in Vejle in 1961. Likewise, Vejle’s representative team was also one of the first teams to wear the new gymnastics suit.

When the two daughters, along with their spouses, took over Carite from the parents, they decided to go all-in on gymnastics. Now the production of blouses, underwear and tracksuits began. With the mission to reach beyond the Danish gymnastics associations, Carite came in contact with the Danish Gymnastics Association, and soon after, Carite was represented when the Danish gymnasts participated in EM and VM. The world’s eyes was now on Carite.

Today, Rikke Lørup owns Carite, and she carries gymnastics in her heart. Rikke intends to bring Carite back as the gymnastics primary choice of gymnastics clothing. Today, Carite consists of the traditional classic Carite styles under the name Carite Classics and a new collection that adapts to the trends of the time and the changing needs of the gymnasts. Today, Carite is again today gymnastics clothing that follows the shape of the body and gives maximum freedom to move. The joy of movement is in Carite’s DNA. And Carites believes that it can make a difference in the world through gymnastics.

Carite understands that a sweeping turn is not just a sweeping turn, but that you also look chic when you move. Carite knows that you need clothing in high quality, that is flexible and can withstand, so you can move freely. Carite gives you renewed energy and power on the floor. 

Carite understands how important the gymnastics community is to you; how much it means to you, and how important it is to your joy that you and others feel welcome, and you feel that you can be and express yourself. Carite is here for you and for the sport that you love.

Today, Carite is based on these four values: joy, courage, discipline and community: 

Joy – because Carite believes that movement must be fun and feel great. The gymnastics should be for your sake. It should be fun and give you joy of life – even when the jump did not go as expected.

Courage – because Carite takes chances and dares to stand out. We will challenge the status quo and push for a more open gymnastics community than that exists today. We pay tribute to the individuals, who dare to be themselves and express their individual personality in the gymnastics community. 

Discipline – because Carite never compromises on quality. We are true to gymnastics and its high hopes for our product, while we want to make sure of the well-being of the gymnasts – both on and off the floor.

Community – because Carite wants to make room for everyone. We cheer on each other. We pay tribute to differences in the community. A community where you need to feel comfortable being yourself.