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Necessary cookies are cookies that are required for us, as a service provider, to provide a service that you, as a user, have explicitly requested when visiting our website. We use necessary cookies that enable us to recognize you, when you click around the website. For example, when you put items in the basket, we ensure that your items do not end up in someone else’s basket and vice versa. We do not know your identity, but you receive a number, which is stored in a cookie, and which allows us to recognize you, as a user from click to click. We also use necessary cookies to keep track of whether you are logged in or not, as well as cookies that allow us to recognize you from previous vistis, so we can i.e. keep the content of your basket until the next time you visit the website. 



We use cookies to store your choices on the website, so you do not have to enter them every time you visit the website. We do this to improve your user experience on our website. It is typically language preferences and ticks, in which you mark that you do not want to see a pop-up again etc. We also use cookies to suggest products that we believe are relevant to you, based on what other products you have looked at, as well as what similar users have previously looked at and bought. We do this to provide you with a user-friendly service, when you visit our website.



We use cookies in touch with the collection of data for the analysis of traffic on our website. This is done with the tool Google Analytics, which stores traffic information, including your computer’s IP address, and enables us to analyze how our website is used by users. This data is ultimately stored on Google’s servers in the United States. If you do not agree that Google stores data, generated by your use of our website, you can deselect cookies from Google Analytics by installing Google’s browser-add-on which can be downloaded here:



We use cookies that are used to recognize users across their visits to multiple websites. These cookies can be used to target advertising banners, etc., which you are presented with here on the website or on other websites. 



These cookies are used by our partners and service providers on our services for the same purposes identified above.


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